Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera

December 8, 2015 - Comment

TRUTH CAM’S ARE AS SIMPLE AS IT GETS! This could be the easiest to operate camera ever developed without sacrificing performance. Designed to be your eyes in the woods, the Truth Cam 35 from Primos comes pre-configured and ready to use with 35 infrared LEDs for clear night vision. However–all settings, including camera resolution, are

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TRUTH CAM’S ARE AS SIMPLE AS IT GETS! This could be the easiest to operate camera ever developed without sacrificing performance.

Designed to be your eyes in the woods, the Truth Cam 35 from Primos comes pre-configured and ready to use with 35 infrared LEDs for clear night vision. However–all settings, including camera resolution, are adjustable for your specific needs and conditions. Capable of capturing both still and video images, the Truth Cam 35 offers a 40-foot nighttime range thanks to its 35 LEDs. The fully-adjustable Truth Cam 35 has operational instructions printed on the camera door for convenience in the field. With the aim to catch every movement in the stand, the Truth Cam 35 boasts a trigger speed of 1.5 seconds of out of sleep mode and takes images every 0.3 seconds when active. The camera can be set for multi-shot bursts of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 images per triggering. All images are stamped with date, time, temperature, and moon phase information. The Truth Cam 35 features a back lit LED screen with large easy to read menu settings. Designed for concealment, the Truth Cam 35 has a thin, low-profile casing with a Matrix camo finish. Finally, the Truth Cam 35 supports an eight gigabyte SD card for image storage and is equipped with a molded security cable hole for theft prevention.

Features and Specifications

Captures video or still images 35 infrared LED bank Stamps photos or video with date, time, temperature, and moon phase information Supports up to 8 gigabyte SD card Back lit LED screen with large easy to read menu settings Live screen preview for setting up field of view Password protection and molded security cable hole through case for theft prevention Nighttime range: 40 feet Trigger speed: 1.5 seconds (0.3-second when camera is not in sleep mode) Image resolution: 3 megapixels Dimensions: 8.75 by 6.625 by 2.875 inches (H x W x D) Power: four D-cell batteries One-year warranty USB reader needed for connection to some Apple laptops

Operating Tips & Troubleshooting
Camera ‘Menu’ Mode or Camera ‘On/Run’ Mode: If the LCD screen is displaying the menu or text, the camera is in ‘Menu’ mode and will not take pictures/videos during this time. If the LCD menu is left inactive for 30 seconds, the camera will go into a power saving state. The LCD display will turn off and the camera has switched to ‘On/ Run’ mode and is ready to start taking pictures/video. You can also press the Run/Wake button to quickly exit menu and turn camera into active ‘On/Run’ mode. The LCD menu will not wake up while the Green Status Light is on or blinking. Wait until after Green Light turns off to wake up the LCD screen by pressing any button.
Empty Photos/False Triggers: If there are a large number of photos taken with no game present in the frame, first make sure your camera is mounted the correct height and in the right direction. If there are limited, random photos with no game present, the following scenarios are most likely; an animal ran through the picture extremely fast, a smaller animal/bird is around the camera/sensor but is not in the camera field of view, or the sunlight or heat in combination with moving elements (trees, brush, shadows) is causing a false trigger. To prevent potential false triggers, try not to setup the camera directly in the sunlight. You may also change the Camera Sensitivity Setting according to your situation.
Blurry Image Quality: Blurry images typically result from objects causing interference between the camera and the intended focal point. Blurry images may also be the result of direct sunlight, fog, condensation, dust or other debris on the camera lens. Carefully cleaning the camera lens window and/or placing the camera in a different location may solve this type of problem. With current available technology for this product, there is no way to eliminate the potential of photos with blur caused by game moving too quickly. We have optimized the TRUTH Cam to limit the number of motion blurred images and provide as many clear, quality photos as possible.
Dark or Light Image Quality:  As daylight transitions back-and-forth between light and dark, the camera changes settings to optimize the picture. Some ‘lighter’ or ‘darker’ photos may be captured during the camera transition process. Try to avoid setting up the camera in situations where the sunlight will shine directly into camera lens. With any photo capturing, taking pictures directly into sunlight produces less than desirable results.

Product Features

  • Day/night 35-infrared LED trail camera captures still or video images of wildlife
  • 40-foot nighttime range; select the number of active LEDs (more night range or battery life)
  • 1.5-second trigger speed out of sleep; 0.3-second trigger speed when active; multi-shot bursts of 1, 3 or 5 images per triggering
  • Large backlit LED screen; instructions printed on camera door
  • Supports up to an eight gigabyte SD card; one-year warranty


chazz4 says:

Liked first unit, bought second I have tried several inexpensive game cameras, kept this one. I like the easy setup using dedicated switches instead of software function programing. Specs calls for trigger at 30 feet max range. The night photos are not well illuminated beyond 10 feet from camera. The daylight shots are fantastic. I was happy with this unit and needed another camera, so I upgraded to the Primos Truth cam 46. It cost more money and performance was not as good as Truth cam 35. Sent the Truth cam 46 back and ordered another Truth Cam 35. Happy with both Truth Cams 35. The video mode does eat up SD card space so I switched over to the 5 shot photo feature with 1 second delay between shots. uses a lot less card space and sharp photos. By the way the specs say 8 GB (SD HC MAX SIZE) My two Truth cams 35 accepted 16 GB SDHC and seems to work fine. I would have given the camera 5 stars, but the distance of the night photos beyond 10 feet were a little disapointing.

Charles Stirens says:

Good? Camera I purchased this to take pictures at night of my front deck. It worked great right out of the box, the instructions were simple and easy to understand, and the controls are very user friendly. The daylight pictures are crisp, clear, and in color. The night pictures are black and white due to the infrared. The down side was that the camera requires an SD card (that must be placed in a different devise to view the pictures) and four D batteries (both of which are not included). 

Big Al says:

Great Product Purchased this item thru Amazon. As soon as it arrived I took it out and mounted it in the woods.The first 3 days I got 180 pictures of deer and turkeys. I have had it out for about 3 weeks now with hundreds of pictures (day and night) and it still has 85% of its battery life left. Which is 4 D batteries. Will be buying more of these. Very easy to use and set up.

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