Owls in the Family

January 12, 2016 - Comment
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Wayne S. Walker says:

delightful tale about owls In this perhaps slightly fictionalized account originally published in 1961 in The Atlantic Monthly, the author, who apparently went by the name Billy when he was a boy, tells how he and his friend Bruce and their dogs Mutt and Rex, who live on the prairie in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, find an owls’ nest with three baby owls in it while on a hike in the nearby bluffs. They determine to add owls to their collection of pets. At first, Mr. Mowat is against the idea because the boys already have enough pets, but when he realizes that the owls might eat Billy’s rats, rabbits, and gophers, he decides that maybe owls wouldn’t be so bad after all. Sometime later, after a bad storm, the boys, along with another friend named Murray, return to find the owl nest blown down and two of the now half-grown young owls dead. However, a third, probably the oldest, had survived in a pile of brush, so Billy adopts it and names it Wol. Shortly after that, he finds another owl that a couple…

Jeff T. Smecker says:

Owls in the Family 0

Anonymous says:

It IS Farley Mowat’s most hilarious book! 0

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